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Bimota BB3

06 November 2013 | Redazione Online EICMA

BimotaBB3- 003

The most important is certainly the change of ownership with the advent of the two managers Marco
Chiancianesi and Daniele Longoni to the lead of Bimota: luxury property manager in Ticino , motorcycle
enthusiasts, musicians with passion, two families engaged in social activities. This is the picture of the new
owners of Bimota, active for almost two months in the company, with their determination and
organization, have already indelibly imprinted their mark in the history of Bimota .
Marco Chiancianesi, President: “Bimota is really charming with an incredible brand that deserves to go back
to its former glory by combining technological innovation with its rich history of passion, heart and
outstanding achievements. We are working to organize better all business processes to meet this challenge
with the right enthusiasm and preparation. Even the many friends with our historic motorcycles will find a
really organized and competent service dedicated to them, reborn thanks to the cooperation with the
Bimota Club Italy”.
Daniele Longoni, Vice President and Commercial Director: “attention to the rider must return to the center
of business activities, such as the customer of a tailor in his studio. For now I can only say that we are
working at 360° to build a global network devoted to excellence and able to offer the best possible service
to all our friends bimotists, from the first contact with the Bimota’s World, until one gets to the valet bike
at home for the scheduled checks.”
The first tangible sign of this change is the realization of BB3. The powerful 4-cylinder BMW (1000cc -
193Cv) is placed in the perfect trellis composite frame that surrounds and contains, as a modern and light
armor wraps its leader, thanks to the skillful design work of Andrea Acquaviva, BB3 marks 179kg on the
scales. At the same time a delicate full carbon dress gives an elegance worthy of an evening gown, signed
Enrico Borghesan, which gives that quiet air. Quiet but ready to ground the power of all its 193Cv as well as
on the track, true natural habitat of each Bimota. Track that this new course will again embrace in a
concrete way.
All this happens in the year when Bimota is 40 years old. 40 springs have passed since the dream of Bianchi,
Morri and Tamburini took shape for the first time and gave rise to the unique history of a small factory
from Romagna, ready to face, winning more often than expected, with world giants of motorcycling, and
finally getting the respect of all. The new Bimota starts from here, looking with pride to its past to chart the
future by continuing the dream of its founders and does so by giving to 40 lucky friends TESI 40th, an
exclusive version, numbered and produced in only 40 pieces.