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The most eagerly awaited rendezvous for the two-wheel industry is back from 8 to 13 November 2022. For info and registration please contact


It has come to our attention that some companies are sending offers to many exhibiting companies for the publication of advertising ON PAYMENT. These products are sold as Exhibitors services, using a deliberately ambiguous form which invites you to fill in the company info for a free inclusion in an online catalogue. IF ACCEPTED VIA SIGNING A FORM, THESE SERVICES BECOME BINDING OVER THE SUBSEQUENT YEARS. THE ABOVE-MENTIONED COMPANIES ARE NOT RELATED TO EICMA SO WE INVITE YOU TO IGNORE ANY PROPOSAL COMING FROM THEM.

Any communications from any organisation other than EICMA S.p.A. is not to be regarded as having come from the organiser of the "International Bicycle and Motorcycle exhibition”, and therefore, EICMA S.p.A declines all responsibility having to do with these communications.