Special Areas

 E–BIKE: the area dedicated to electric bikes.

The sector of electric vehicles for urban micromobility is gaining increasing interest on the national and international scene. In 2020, this sector underwent an exponential transformation and growth in response to the new needs of the time, the desire to privilege alternative travel methods and above all capable to meeting needs of all kinds, from daily commuting to exploring landscapes and natural beauty spots in the greatest freedom. Mobility by electric pedalling, a reality firmly established at worldwide level, is recording an important increase in sales to the extent that some international experts are showing very interesting market scenarios for the forthcoming years, when the whole production will be hybrid or electric. At EICMA, as well as the innovations concerning electric pedalling mobility present throughout the exhibition area, an even larger area is dedicated to the E-Bike universe than in previous years with the presence of the main leaders of the Italian and international industry of reference. It will be possible to take part with an individual space or with our “turnkey” formula, a solution designed for medium and small firms which do not want to sacrifice giving visibility to their business.

TEMPORARY BIKERS SHOP: the commercial space for bikers.

The most eagerly awaited shopping area by lovers of two wheels, now in its 7th year, comes again with a consolidated formula that is increasingly successful. The event, recognized as the most eagerly awaited marketing event of the year, and which can generate in only six days visibility and attraction for those who want to take part in it, will be hosted in one of the most important halls of Eicma. It is a unique opportunity that will allow all retailers and dealers to advertise their business, to reach a large public and o­er a new shopping experience. The fans and enthusiasts who will be visiting the Eicma halls will be able to choose and buy in complete security accessories, clothing, helmets, components and all sorts of equipment for bikes of the best brands to travel safely and in style. The "ALL INCLUSIVE" formula is a great opportunity on off­er, a turnkey solution that will let you devote all your time and resources to the presentation of your products and to customer care. The space, the set-up, the supply of all the services are included in the cost.

START UP AND INNOVATION: making way for creativity, innovation and young entrepreneurs.

It is a unique opportunity for new businesses that are taking their first steps in the world of two wheels, the mobility of the future and the sector of public and private transport. At a historic time, where the motoring sector is in constant movement, technological evolutions keeps abreast with the transformation of mobility and the change in lifestyles, Eicma is betting on the new start-uppers and on innovation. Space will be given to the ideas, the solutions, the technology and the new prototypes capable of meeting the change and new needs in a dedicated area. The off­er, with its now consolidated “ALL INCLUSIVE” formula, is addressed to young companies that are no more than 5 years old which o­er and sell innovative products or services with a high technological value. The Start Up and Innovation area is a window on to the future of mobility.