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ITALY REMAINS A TRENDSETTER, EVEN IN CHINA Manufacturing “Made in Italy” helmets is a challenge that Nolangroup has taken on for 45 years now (1972-2017), and now, the company can proudly declare itself to be one of the Italian brands that are recognised and highly sought-after abroad, even as far afield as China! What’s more, it is in China that the police wear Nolan helmets and motorcyclists are requesting ever-growing numbers of the Bergamo-based company’s helmets!A new company whose CEO, Enzo Panacci, talks about it thusly at Eicma 2017: “When people list excellent Italian brands that are also famous overseas, they often only refer to fashion brands, or to big names such as Ferrari and Ducati, but many other companies are also international trendsetters, albeit on a smaller scale. Nolangroup is one of them! During a recent trip we made to China, we found that Chinese motorcyclists want our helmets because they are Italian and therefore synonymous with style, safety and quality!”Enzo Panacci then adds: “We are very proud of this - it is the spring that is constantly pushing us onwards, pushing us to produce increasingly advanced and innovative helmets entirely on Italian soil. Here at Eicma, just as every year, many Asian manufacturers will come to photograph every last detail of our products so that they can then reproduce them faithfully - or so they think - and at a much lower cost. This is undoubtedly to our detriment, but we know that in their country, their helmets will never be as widely renowned as ours, because you can copy everything except the values of an Italian brand”. Nolangroup invites all Eicma 2017 visitors to come to Hall 15 - Stand G06 to see and try out the new models, which are ready to be released onto the market at the best resellers in Italy and over 80 countries worldwide. NOLANGROUP, the values of an Italian brand: Safety, Innovation, Italianness. NOLANGROUP 2018 - NEWS The Nolangroup collection is expanding with three important new models: the full-face racing top helmet from the X-803 range, the flip-up helmet N100-5 and the entry-level full-face N60-5.The N-Com division – Nolan Communication Systems – proudly presents the new B901 range, which ensures greater performance than previous systems: new conference features (Smart Conference and Universal Conference), A2DP music sharing (Music sharing), Vox, voice response, new dedicated EASYSET App (for both Android and iOS), new EASYSET management program (for both Windows and Mac).For 2018, Nolangroup confirms the co-branding with two prestigious sector brands: Ducati (model X-1004) and Touratech (model X-502 ULTRA CARBON). Both products will be on show at Eicma at the stands of the two companies. Nolangroup