A whole area at the International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition of Milan, is dedicated, in collaboration with BikeUP, to electric bikes and the most important Italian and international innovations in the sector. A whole circuit is at the disposal of the public to test the e-bikes: length 1000 metres, with a climb of  170 metres and a difference in height of 8%.

The principal innovations in electric bicycles are coming to the area of EICMA wholly dedicated to mobility on bicycles with a battery: the next models and lots of technology, with a circuit of 1000 metres which simulates mountains, to experiment in person the advantages of assisted pedalling.

The International Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition, considering the growing popularity of the E-BIKE area during the last edition, has renewed for 2017 the agreement with BikeUP, the creator of the fort European festival wholly focused on e-Bikes, to be able to illustrate correctly to the public the best international innovations and the excellences made in Italy in the sector of electric bikes.

During EICMA 2017,  various activities are scheduled for visitors. It is only through direct experience that  the qualities of electric bicycles can be fully appreciated. In order to foster direct contact and experience by the public, a whole outdoor circuit is available to try out e-bikes, which are at the disposal of visitors  through the International Show.

The outdoor circuit is 1,000 metres long and has a climb of 170 metres with an average gradient of 8%, to simulate and have appreciated the considerable potential of bikes with assisted pedalling, especially on  difficult and challenging routes. The currently most popular segment for e-bikes is e-Mountain Bikes (e-mtb) which represent about 60% of the sales in Italy.

Mobility with electrical pedalling  boasts of triple-digit figures of growth, which prove how the trend is going hand in hand with a growing interest in the electric cycle world, in Europe and in Italy. In 2016 in Italy, 124,400 e-bikes were purchased: in practice, the Italians who have bought an electric bike correspond to the inhabitants of a small city like Bergamo, Trento, Pescara or Siracusa. The conspicuous quantitative figure denotes a  considerable increase, compared to the same figure of 2015, of  +120%.

At EICMA 2017 Italian and international manufacturers illustrate to the world and to visitors the best solutions for tomorrow’s mobility. There are many proposals and models present at the International Cycle and Motorcycle Show, which range from; the battery mounted on the handlebars to the first Italian factory designed to make e-bikes, from the elegance of the new models of long-established models and from the high quality of production to the sporting and technological avant-garde of motorbike origin, which includes the first  model of e-bike, the result of Italian university research, which recharges autonomously, only to mention some of the innovations that visitors to EICMA 2017 can see in the pavilions of the Exhibition Ground at  Rho, in Milan.

The success of the e-bike area is also shown by the many exhibitors, both Italian and foreign, who did not want to miss it.


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