Temporary Bikers Shop

It is our pleasure to inform you that during the 75th International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition it  will be held the fourth edition of Temporary Bikers shop, the commercial area dedicated to bikers; a great opportunity to get in direct contact with a large, diversified and passionate public

NEWS 2017 :

Duration: from 9th to 12th November (4 days instead of 6), days reserved for the public
Location: The area will be located inside Hall 9, enjoying great visibility thanks to the presence of "big" companies.
Rates: ALL INCLUSIVE space at  Euro 159,00/sqm
Entry tickets: 10 Invitation Cards  for your guests

Why participate:
  • it is the point of reference as biggest two-wheel vehicle event in the world;
  • it is an opportunity to meet  in few days the main national and foreign news media ensuring a degree of visibility that is unmatched by any other motorcycle industry event;
  • it is the best chance to come into direct access with diversified and passionate audience;
  • it is the best chance to come into direct access with world leaders in the sector;
  • the exhibiting companies will have  the possibility to empty their stores  from goods of previous seasons,   getting a  visibility that has no equal in any other event;
  • it is an opportunity  to meet new distributors and new customers, widening one’s network of business contacts;
  • it is the ideal place to assess consumer response to new products
So we are confident that the Temporary Bikers Shop will be once again a source of great satisfaction for all exhibitors and visitors.

Please find attached the application form and the "turn key solution" that we invite to return us back.

For any further information, feel free to contact segreteriaorganizzativa@eicma.it