EICMA Trophy 2019

The rich program of RIDEMOOD 2019 started with the EICMA 2019 TROPHY: a day organized by EICMA and CityLife Shopping District on Sunday 3rd November from 10.00 to 18.00 where athletes, competitions, exhibitions, animation and entertainment were able to live in one breath!

The show will certainly not end here, but will continue with a special stage of EICMA FOR KIDS: the itinerant project promoted by EICMA to tell the little ones the world of two wheels. A project to educate young bikers and cyclists on road safety without, however, renouncing them having fun through motorbike trials (from 5 to 11 years) and bikes (from 4 to 11 years).

All this took place in collaboration with the Lombardy Region, the Italian Motorcycle Federation and the Motofalchimilano of the Local Police Milan.

For more info: EICMA FOR KIDS.

CityLife, thanks to its pedestrian and cycling areas, was the ideal stage for this type of event with its evocative location and the many people from all over the world who visit it every day.

The day was attended by the MARINA ROMOLI ONLUS Association, founded in 2011 following the road accident of the promising cyclist from the Marche Marina Romoli making it paraplegic.

The objectives of this association are to promote and finance scientific research, aimed at finding a cure for paralysis caused by chronic spinal cord injuries, and to help young athletes who find themselves in highly incapacitating conditions.

The event was sponsored by the Italian Cycling Federation.