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Increasingly competitive, attractive and unmissable. With the last edition, our exhibition event took another step forward. The numbers of EICMA 2019 describe our constant effort to confirm and qualify this appointment as the most important in the world for the two-wheel industry. And the results were not long in coming. Today EICMA is a modern and flexible instrument at the service of companies, which grows each year in value and importance. It is the most significant international showcase for the display of the result of your investments. The response by the professionals, the media, the resounding interest of the public, the drive for internationalization and the services made available offer exhibitors unique visibility and a competitive advantage. The spirit of EICMA is not confined to the exhibition area, the contents of the outdoor area or the special areas. In recent years its heart has also been beating outside and beyond the days of the Show, with a highly structured programme of events, synergies and promotional actions which extend the attention and will make EICMA one of your best strategic decisions for 2020 as well. The future of your company is today, at EICMA.


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