Special Areas

E – BIKE. In addition to the innovations in electric pedalling mobility, which in recent years have been present in all the exhibition area, this year again EICMA devotes a special area to it. Driven by the market successes, the E-Bike universe finds an international showcase here, where all the latest models made by Italian and international firms can be seen.

For visitors who also want a more direct experience of E-Bikes, a test ride area will once again be offered. A unique occasion to discover all their potential through an ad hoc designed circuit and for the exclusive use of the participating companies.

For the companies that produce and/or distribute electric bikes,we suggest the following solution

- AREA E-BIKE in the exhibition area dedicated only to electric bikes, circumscribed and contextualized in one of the Eicma 2020

- EXHIBITION AREA those who wish to exhibit alongside other categories of goods of the sector distributed in the different exhibition halls.


TEMPORARY BIKERS SHOP. This is the commercial project dedicated to bikers. In this area accessories, clothing, helmets, components and all types of equipment for motorbikes can be seen and bought. The shopping area lovers of two wheel await most eagerly this year celebrates its 7th birthday and is present with a consolidated formula that has always been successful.


START UP AND INNOVATION. The space for creativity, innovation and young entrepreneurs. The Start Up and Innovation area is a window on to the future of mobility. EICMA offers a unique opportunity for young businesses which are taking their first steps in the world of two wheels. This space, with its now consolidated formula, represents EICMA’s wager on the young generation, where start-uppers from all over the world present their ideas, solutions and prototypes to the general public and professionals.

The proposal addresses Start Ups and young companies that have been in business for not more than 48 months or with at least one partner aged under 35. EICMA reserves the right to accept the applications for participation which must be preceded by sending material illustrating and describing the innovative product and/or service that will be presented at Eicma 2020, as well as the Chamber of Commerce certificate proving the required requisites.