Press accreditation 2019

Welcome! Every year EICMA welcomes thousands of journalists, photojournalists, influencers, and communications technicians and professionals. The value and the visibility of the exhibition-event have grown in time also thanks to their irreplaceable accounts. This is why we are constantly committed to creating the best conditions possible for helping and supporting this activity, but above all we want to protect and give even greater value to the work of all those who are active exclusively and professionally in this sector.
Please read the following before clicking below and starting the online procedure of applying for accreditation which will let you, if you possess the required requisites, receive directly by email a valid pass for the entire duration of EICMA and the access keys to the reserved digital PRESS ROOM.
Requests for press accreditation by people and professionals whose duties and positions are not related to journalism, photo-journalism, service media and press offices will not be taken into consideration. In addition, preference will be given to nominal applications from professional and company emails and/or from the publisher of the applicant over general addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Libero or other providers). Getting a press accreditation for the past editions is not a prerequisite, lastly, applications for accreditation for minors under the age of 16, cumulative applications and/or applications sent by undefined email addresses such as, by way of example, info@, amministrazione@, segreteria@ will not be accepted.
Those coming, more in general, from representatives of advertising agencies, public relations and marketing companies, if in possession of the required requisites, must follow the path of accreditation for PROFESSIONALS.
Possession of a professional card, of the Press Association or of the professional association of references (in the countries where this exists) does not represent in itself entitlement to entrance to EICMA. The journalist must attest being active and possessing the professional requisites.
For all those who are not members  of a professional association (in the countries where this exists) or who are not professional journalists, a letter of appointment by the client or publisher in the case of collaboration is required, signed by an authorized person, the managing editor or by a  chief editor in the case of publications. The signatories will be responsible in the event of issuing untruthful declarations.
Bloggers, youtubers, owners of websites, social media profiles and pages and more in general, influencers, are requested to provide a brief description of presentation of their publishing initiative (auto certification on plain paper) showing the website of reference and the  production of at least one post/article  on the show. The Press Office will assess the relevance of the proposals and will consider solely profiles that have been active for more than 10 months with a high and constant engagement, as well as with appropriate updating and an adequate ratio between the number of followers and profiles followed.
The Press Office, after assessing each application, reserves the right to grant accreditation or not.  An answer will be given to each application. For any other particular requirement and for everything that is not explicitly stated above, you can send an email to