26 November 2021

 Piaggio 1 Feng Chen Wang

The collaboration between Piaggio and Feng Chen Wang, one of the most experimental and innovative designer on the international scene today, has produced a personalised special edition of the Piaggio 1, the brand new Piaggio two-wheeler suitable for electric urban mobility. The Feng Chen Wang special edition is distinguished by an exclusive livery where the stylist and designer, who was born in China’s south-eastern Fujian province, known for its breathtaking landscapes, combines Chinese tradition with vibrant London-style creativity. The watercolour visually combines the natural elements of water and the symbol of the Phoenix, which in Chinese mythology represents virtue and grace, and is drawn by hand using the traditional Chinese brushstroke technique, while the colour green, also used on the seat cover and wheel rims, is a reference to Chinese native flora. Piaggio’s collaboration with Feng Chen Wang has also produced a special helmet and a capsule collection of unisex streetwear.