21 October 2019

2020 Honda CRF Enduro/Cross/Supermoto models

On EICMA’s catwalk of this year the 2020 Honda CRF Enduro/Cross/Supermoto range. 4 displacements - 250, 300, 400 e 450 cc - in the Enduro/Cross line remain confirmed. The CRF 250RX and the 300RX have been revised (engine and chassis) to be even more competitive. The 2020 300 cc version is available with an all-new engine configuration which allows for three engine maps. The CRF 400RX and the 450RX are both equipped with three-level launch control. Regarding the 2020 Supermoto range, it can count on two exclusive models: the CRF 450RX Supermoto, a racing version equipped with 8,5-litre tank, and the CRF 450XR Supermoto, featuring an on road vocation and a 7,6-litre tank. Both models are offered with an enlarged fork clamps.