28 November 2021

Arlix Unica, the missing link

Italian passion and creativity stand out at EICMA 2021 edition. Introducing them to the pavilions is Giancarlo Gregorio, co-founder and designer of the Sicilian startup Arlix. With its “Unica” the concept of traditional e-bike is pushed to the limit: geometry, posture, riding feelings are now closer to those of a motorcycle. The elements adopted to give life to the new creature, which represents the link between the two worlds, are premium. Examples are the carbon fiber reinforced monocoque frame, ergal forks, Formula hydraulic braking system. The central engine develops a power of 250 / 1000W with lithium-polymer batteries from 48V to 2500W while the automatic transmission is continuously variable. But what makes this vehicle even more special is the variable suspension system which, thanks to a device, operates the saddle automatically in relation to rider’s needs, making driving more comfortable and safe.
Visit Arlix at EICMA 2021, Startup&Innovation area, Hall 18.