18 November 2021

Capobranco Project at EICMA

Push&Block®, many scooter users know it: it is an anti-theft device that locks the stand and secures your vehicle from being stolen. Built by Capobranco Project in Salerno: strength of this system is its simplicity, both from the technical side (it is purely a mechanical lock device), and from the practical side, since it is activated with the foot pressure on a button placed on the kickstand of the vehicle. Once locked, the system does not allow the stand to close, immobilizing the vehicle. Since 2017, along with Push&Block®, Capobranco built Wheel Lock®, an anti-theft device, very similar to the previous system. It is installed on the axis of the rear wheel and, once set, prevents the rotation of the wheel itself.
Visit Capobranco Project, Hall 24P, Stand E71.