29 January 2021

EICMA 2021, passion to touch and to experience

A press release from EICMA S.p.A. tells the objectives and work for the next edition of International Bicycle and Motorcycle Show, to be held from 23rd to 28th November 2021 in the halls of Fiera Milano in Rho
“The organizational machine is running at full speed today and is working to put the smile back on the faces of enthusiasts, appealing to the most genuine sensation that is felt in the saddle of our industry’s products, i.e. freedom. The freedom to be able to gather around our passion, to take back what is ours, freedom to be enthusiastic, to see and touch everything that is new, on one occasion and without the cold intermediation of a screen after a year when the limitation of individual freedoms became a necessity, but also the greatest limit. At EICMA, passion can be touched and experienced.”
THE DEVELOPMENT OF DIGITAL - “The common and necessary decision of the sector to postpone last year’s show,” continues the note, “left a visible gap in the sector and among enthusiasts, which the numerous and praiseworthy digital appointments were able to fill only partially. The absence of 2020 was cause and effect of the proliferation of initiatives on the web and this made clear just how indispensable EICMA is. Digital dynamism, which arose as a response to the emergency, has also accelerated the process towards a greater integration  of innovative solutions, which the organization has started to activate systematically in a complementary way in the past few  years and which it will continue to implement.”
UNIVERSAL VALUE OF THE EVENT - “In the full respect of the strategic ideas of each brand,” the press release continues, “what continues to represent EICMA today is a universal and topical value for the industry of mobility: a unique characteristic that has always conferred equal opportunity and visibility to all the exhibitors, making them a solid and compact force, regardless  of their specific weight and market share. In addition, the great attention to the sector, which has given two-wheels with engines or pedals a renewed leading role, today represents a further element of attractiveness, as shown by the numerous registrations for participation that we are already receiving. This living excitement gives the 2021 show a great symbolic value and also an important responsibility in channelling and catalysing this interest in a single great container of passion, visibility, but above all of measurable opportunities.”
THE STORY OF  EICMA- “Since 1914,” the press release concludes, “EICMA has had as its main objectives creating strategic opportunities for businesses and offering the public increasingly thrilling and exciting visitor experiences: this is what we continue to do, evolving as an instrument together with the industry of reference. Our exhibitors have gone through decades marked by important economic and social challenges, not forgetting and appreciating, without any distinction, the evolution of EICMA from a trade fair to an exhibition event of international reference. EICMA is also an appointment that generates employment and significant related activity for the area and for the whole sector involved. In the light of this concrete asset, today more than ever, we feel a duty of sensitivity, responsibility and respect towards this sector.”