15 November 2022

EICMA 2022, a front-page edition

The International Two-Wheeler Exhibition once again asserts its global leadership: + 38% overall attendance, numbers also up for operators and media

The premises for success were already in the opening numbers: 1,370 brands present, 59% from abroad, representing 45 different nations. As were the six pavilions occupied at the Fiera Milano exhibition center in Rho (amounting to a +35% over 2021 exhibition space) packed with visitors. But the confirmations of EICMA EFFECT, the slogan used to promote Edition number 79 of the International Two-Wheeler Exhibition, came last night as the gates closed: Milan is the undisputed world capital of the industry. At the end of the five-day exhibition, EICMA scored a significant +38% in overall attendance over the previous year. In particular, 82% of the purchase of admission tickets was online on the official website of the event, while 18% of the public opted for physical ticketing. 

Impressing were the numbers related to the business sphere: 38,747 industry professionals (+35% over 2021) visited the Exhibition, more than 51% of whom came from abroad. Figures regarding media presence are also on the rise: more than 6900 accredited professionals (38% from abroad), including journalists, influencers, technicians and communication professionals, who took advantage of the exclusive Tuesday press day this year and also told throughout the exhibition week the show offered inside and outside the pavilions. 

"It is these numbers, the embrace of the general public, the massive presence of exhibitors who have emphasized their solid satisfaction and whom we thank for having always believed in EICMA, the attractiveness and international centrality, the positive increase in every performance indicator - commented EICMA S.p.A. president Pietro Meda - that affirm the unique value and indispensability of our event. EICMA unquestionably remains in its place: on the highest step in the entire international scene. This is where we will stay, in Milan and with annual continuity, from here, and this is why we continue to work on 2023 to offer once again, also thanks to our partners and together with the entire industry, increasingly engaging, contemporary and engaging visitor experiences."

"Also thanks to the creation of new digital content and services," added EICMA S.p.A. CEO Paolo Magri, "the opportunities to encourage the meeting between supply and demand and facilitate the development of concrete business opportunities have increased disproportionately, confirming EICMA as a unique place able to profitably unite the B2B and B2C souls. The data regarding the presence of operators and media, as well as the evident and enthusiastic influx of young people between the pavilions and in the outdoor area are two extraordinarily positive news for our industry, which strengthen our exhibition model as a tool at the service of companies, current and, above all, open to the future."

The appointment for EICMA 2023 is November 7-12.