18 February 2022

EICMA title sponsor of the Italian Enduro 2022

On 4 March next, the spotlights will literally light up on the 2022 enduro season, with the first trial of the Absolutes of Italy at night, on the seafront of Arma di Taggia (Imperia). What is about to start is a year of major changes for competitive enduro, for the first time managed by the Tuscan promoter OffroadProRacing. At its side, an equally original partner capable of further raising the quality of a strongly growing sector, EICMA, the International Two Wheels Exhibition of Milan, will be the Title Sponsor of all the national enduro events in 2022: Absolutes of Italy, Under23/Senior, Major and Minienduro, as well as the two enduro and mini Trophies of the Regions, will all be supported by the International Two Wheels Exhibition.

Paolo Magri, CEO of EICMA SpA, as well as a being great fan and practising enduro, explains the fundamentals of this partnership. “The presence of EICMA in the racing context is innate in the very nature of our exhibition-event; in competitions, the industry of the two wheels takes its products to their maximum expression and in racing contexts the strongest and most authentic passion is experienced, especially in an off-road discipline like this one which keeps all its appeal intact. Moreover, the calibre of this Championship and its international attractiveness   allow us to put EICMA in the spotlight and to promote our appointment efficiently on a vertical target. For these reasons and for what enduro contributes to generating for our movement, for the areas involved, for the sector and the entire supply chain, we have decided, in continuity with our support and the attention that we have always reserved for the world of competitions and offroad in particular, to support the 2002 season with great enthusiasm.”

The words of the CEO Magri on the connection between enduro racing and the industry are confirmed in the participation of the manufacturers involved in the race with their respective official teams: Betamotor, Fantic Motor, GASGAS, Honda RedMoto, Husqvarna and KTM Italia, Sherco, TM Racing and Vent Moto have already confirmed their presence in the 2022 season.

For all the information and to always be updated on the news, the rankings, the regulations of all the Federmoto Championships of OffroadProRacing and EICMA, the new website enduro.federmoto.it has just been launched.