3 November 2022

Horwin presents SENMENTI O and SENMENTI X

After 6 years of research and development, Horwin has abandoned the structural layout of traditional fuel vehicles and the traditional split-type layout of battery, motor and controller in the overall vehicle structural layout through the core technology concept of “improving efficiency and reducing consumption”, and broke the impossible triangle with the "IM integrated intelligent chassis" developed by Horwin itself. That’s how SENMENTI O and SENMENTI X were born. Horwin set more than 30 sensors in SENMENTI O, and at the same time, it uses automotive level domain control technology to achieve high-speed computing, information judgment and decision-making, forming an intelligent platform integrating data collection, data analysis and automatic decision-making. At EICMA Horwin will display IM integrated intelligent chassis, self-balancing technology (two-wheeled dynamic driving assistance technology), SENMENTI 0, SENMENTI X, and launch mobile life laboratory at Hall 24Q - Stand A70.