4 October 2022

Horwin SK3, sporty attitude

The new SK3 represents a crucial model for the Chinese manufacturer: it in fact gives birth to a new, sportier style. From a technical point of view, the 6.3 kW engine allows 90 km/h max speed. The Field Oriented Control (FOC) system represents the scooter brain and guarantees quick starts, as well as balancing power, consumption and energy regeneration. What about the battery? Its lithium battery (72 V / 36 Ah) offers 80 km max range (up to 160 km featuring the additional battery positioned under the saddle). Additionally, the Horwin SK3 features the Combined Braking System (CBS), automotive-grade full-LED intelligent headlights, keyless system - to unlock and start the SK3 without removing the key from the pocket - and... much more.