13 November 2021

Liqui Moly introduces Motorbike Shooter range

Founded in Germany in 1957, Liqui Moly offers a range of about 4,000 chemical products dedicated to the automotive world. At the Liqui Moly stand of the Milan show special focus will be given to the Motorbike Shooter additives range, which come in small 80 ml cans, a size specifically tailored to the bike fuel tank. The Shooter range consists of five different products suitable for different tasks. The Speed Shooter improves combustion and therefore acceleration, too. The 4T Shooter removes deposits in the fuel system, valves, spark plugs and the combustion chamber, thereby restoring the motorcycle to its the original performance. The Petrol Stabiliser Shooter ensures the petrol does not age as quickly during the winter break so that the engine runs smoothly again in spring. The Engine Flush Shooter does not go into the petrol but into the oil, just before the oil change. This breaks down dirt and deposits, which is then removed along with the old oil. Lastly, the MoS2 Shooter is then added to the fresh oil, to protects the engine from wear.