25 October 2019

Tacita T-Cruise Turismo

322 km of roads riding to discover new places, caressed only by the sound of the wind and the engine. Tacita, the Torino-based manufacturer, has announced the launch of the T-Cruise Turismo, the second model of the new 2020 100% electric motorcycles range. The T-Cruise Turismo is equipped with a 27 kWh Li-Po lithium polymer battery technology and with built on board charger and quick charger (optional), that allows to use level 2 and level 1 chargers just by plugging in. The Tacita T-Cruise Turismo can be configured with 3 different battery pack options: a 27 kWh battery pack up to 322 km; a 18 kWh battery pack up to 220 km or a 9 kWh up to 113 km. It also offers 4 different motor options: 11, 27, 34 and 44 kW power, capable of an instant torque up to 100 Nm (44 kW option).