8 September 2019

Triumph Rocket 3

What a deep soundtrack. As a matter of fact the all-new Triumph Rocket 3 it is equipped with a world’s largest production motorcycle engine capacity of 2458 cc, capable of 167 hp and a maximum torque of 221 Nm at 4.000 rpm. Electronics are even more advanced than in the past and its weight has shrunk to 291 kg (-40 kg), thanks to the new aluminum frame and single-sided swingarm. In other words, the Triumph Rocket 3 is designed to deliver the pinnacle of performance in the power cruiser segment. With the Rocket 3 the Hinckley-based manufacturer aims to offer an extraordinary riding pleasure as well as intuitive handling. The new Triumph Rocket 3 will be available in two versions, “Roadster” or “Gran Turismo”.