27 November 2021

Vmoto Soco CUmini SE JL99

Among many novelties brought at the Milan show from the Vmoto Soco Group, a special limited edition of the CUmini e-scooter stands out. It is in fact signed by former MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo, yesterday star at Vmoto Soco stand T21 (hall 22). The scooter maintains the 40 km range of its “brothers” but is distinguished by an exclusive livery and embellished by many fine details. The finish is reminiscent of forged carbon, a material that evokes solidity, elegance and sportiness. Unique features then come from the LED headlights, the Rizoma details, the matching top case and the number 99. What’s more, each units has a commemorative aluminum plate on the rear of the shield and goes on sale with a hi-tech backpack, including USB socket and provision for a power bank.