27 November 2021

Vmoto Soco Group range

Vmoto Soco Group brings EICMA 2021 two  and a concept, but above all a declaration of intent for the future, in which the brand wants to dominate every sector in the market concerning electric mobility, cars excluded. Let’s start with the most impressive innovation: the Stash. for Vmoto this machine marks the true aim to enter the premium segment within the complex European and US current markets, with great attention to design and a 6000 Watt engine. The Vmoto Fleet VS3 is instead designed for delivery, sharing and work vehicles. Among its main features: 3 wheels together with a box with 600 l capacity on the rear. What's more, the Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 is also dedicated to the B2B market: 2,000 Watt electric motor and a range of about 90 km at 45 km/h. 
Visit Vmoto Soco Group at EICMA 2021, Hall 22, Stand T21.