Thanks to the strategic collaboration and fundamental support of ITA, Italian Trade Agency, EICMA is able to offer its visitors a window on the future of the two-wheel sector and its supply chain.

The Start-Up area, located inside Hall 9, is a concrete visibility opportunity for fledgling realities, allowing young companies to have the same opportunities as longer-lived brands and to get on the most important international stage for the industry.

The mobility sector today is one of the areas where major challenges and everything that is happening at the level of innovation are concentrated. In this area, it is therefore possible to conduct a visitor experience under the banner of creativity and the ability of young entrepreneurs to provide answers and interpret changes.

This space,( with an exhibition formula now consolidated in recent years), represents EICMA and ITA’s bet on young people, an exclusive place where startuppers present ideas, solutions and prototypes to the general public, but also an essential moment to develop business opportunities and relationships with operators, media and institutions.



City Coco Italia Srl was born from an idea to simplify the way of sustainable e-mobility. Right from the start, we have been committed to researching unique products to present on the 2, 3 and 4-wheel market. Since 2019 at Start-Up Innovation at EICMA we have been proposing electric vehicles, scooters and motorbikes, of new conception (City Coco with wide wheels) that are very versatile, elegant and low consumption, up to today with cutting-edge products on the market that we will present at EICMA 2022. For off-road enthusiasts, a unique electric motorbike and scooter on the market, with 4 mechanical gears, low consumption and excellent performance (it has a 3000w motor that reaches a speed of 120km/h, normally they reach 70km/h) which we plan to start marketing in early spring at our authorised dealers.

We will then present in March 2023 the first electric ATV (QUOD) homologated in Italy, which many of our dealers had been asking us for some time.

Our research is continuing to find solutions for the electric market that are suitable for all uses, we already have two other new products for the European market that we will present at the next EICMA 2023.


Founded in June 2020 as an innovative start-up, Linkable focuses on inventing, designing, engineering, and marketing innovative, patented, and functionally designed e-bikes and e-scooters to simplify electric micro-mobility. Linkable Srl has projected, devised, patented and prototyped 1 foldable e-bike and 2 ultra-portable e-scooters. Their common USP is ultra-portability achieved through unprecedented mechanical solutions combined with functional design and, in the case of the e-bike, a power train equipped with a generator with electric (non-physical) transmission and electronic gearbox.

Linkable aims to become a tangible symbol of a community that values a lifestyle that is attentive to the quality/value of time and proactive respect for the environment, which is also manifested through the use of innovative products distinguished by unmistakable design that is functional in saving time, money and harmful emissions. 


TO.TEM is an innovative start-up operating in the field of electric micromobility. The goal is to develop innovative vehicles designed around customers to facilitate their daily commute. The focus of TO.TEM is to provide users with a product that is functional, but above all safe: from this principle was born LYNX, a three-wheeled scooter equipped with a rear camera and collision alert. Other products and services that the company offers and is working on also reflect the values the company brings to bear on sustainable and safe mobility.