The certification of EICMA 2022 according to the ISO 20121 standard

EICMA S.p.A., on the basis of the good result achieved in the previous editions of 2019 and 2021 (in 2020 the event did not take place due to Covid) by obtaining ISO 20121 certification (international standard for sustainable event management), has decided to renew its strong commitment regarding environmental, social and economic sustainability aspects also for EICMA 2022, thus starting the path for the design and implementation of sustainable management and certification.

EICMA S.p.A., which has obtained from the certification body TÜV NORD ITALIA the issuance of the ISO 20121 certificate for EICMA 2022, has undersigned a clear sustainability policy, then evaluated and planned a series of actions to improve the environmental, social and economic impact of the event, while involving all stakeholders (employees, suppliers, exhibitors, visitors, media, etc.).

The certification path undertaken in the past editions and renewed in 2022 concretely demonstrates the commitment in taking an increasingly active, structural and significant role in this direction.


The main objectives of EICMA 2022

For the 2022 edition, EICMA S.p.A., from the perspective of continuous improvement, has decided to focus on three main areas, with specific actions and objectives summarized here:


    Improving and enhancing the management of waste generated and its proper disposal before, during and after the event, with a special focus on exhibitors and catering/dining areas, in order to ensure as much recycling of materials as possible from a circular economy point of view.
    Increase the awareness of visitors, exhibitors, suppliers and employees by making them participants in an event organized with a focus on sustainability, aiming to create greater engagement of all stakeholders involved.

    In order to foster greater stakeholder understanding of the sustainable management content and objectives of EICMA 2022, the following initiatives are implemented:
    • Information request
      A "Contact" form is made available to send specific inquiries, as well as staff will be present in the EICMA offices during the days of the show to answer any questions and gather suggestions.
    • Guide for visitors
      A vademecum containing key recommendations for a sustainable visitor participation is made available.



    • Sustainable Exhibitor Award
      Exhibitors are an integral part of the path undertaken to obtain ISO 20121 certification, being the main "stakeholders" directly involved who, with the impact of their participation, can concretely determine the success in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability of the entire event.

      It is with these premises that EICMA, pursuing continuous improvement, proposes for this edition the introduction of the "Sustainable Exhibitor Award," which is an initiative that aims to share exhibitors' good sustainability practices.

      The 3 most virtuous exhibitors will receive a "Sustainable Exhibitor Award 2022" certificate accompanied by appropriate visibility through social networks and the EICMA website.
    Measuring and reporting the direct, indirect and employment economic impact generated on the territory by the event. After the end of the event, EICMA S.p.A. commits to report and publish the results of all sustainable initiatives of EICMA 2022.

Sustainability Report

In accordance with the requirement of the ISO 20121 standard, EICMA S.p.A. produced and publishes the reporting regarding the results achieved in the 2019 and 2021 editions.

EICMA 2022 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

EICMA S.p.A. contributes through EICMA 2022 initiatives to the achievement of 9 out of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Sustainable Development Goals UN 2030 (