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Airoh. From 40 square meters to the world in 20 years. The Italian company, one of the world's leading manufacturers of helmets and leaders in off-road models, celebrates its first twenty years with a limited edition of the champions’ helmet, the legendary Aviator. There are those who daydream, and those who are wide awake and ready to make dreams reality. It seems to be the story of Antonio Locatelli, of the same name as the historical aviator, and founder of Airoh. Soon abandoned his studies, he began working in a mechanics workshop and learned the craft of the panel beater. The constant contact with engines triggers a passion that will accompany him for life, the one for rally and motorcycle racing. His obsession is security, which he considers the indispensable prerequisite to fully enjoy the freedom that only the two wheels can offer. When helmet becomes mandatory in 1986, he realizes that the themes of protection and passion can merge into a professional career. After an apprenticeship period spent working as third-party, in 1995 he began selling his helmet to companies in the sector, until he founded Airoh in 1997. The company present itself to the world with a 40-meter stand. Riders immediately welcome the novelty, as Airoh builds the helmets that its founder himself wanted to wear: innovative, comfortable and safe, always with a strong personality. Airoh's growth was matched by the success of models such as Stelt, the helmet that marked a new path for the off-road segment, PR2000, which greeted the end of the last century, and Mathisse inaugurating the millennium. Until the Aviator arrived in 2011, the choice of so many champions that contributed to enriching the extraordinary palmarès of Airoh, with 83 world titles, including the recent triumph of Tony Cairoli, that today exports to 80 countries around the world. To pay tribute to its story and to all pilots who have believed in its philosophy and products, Airoh has created Aviator 2.2 20th Anniversary. A toll for the past 20 years spent protecting what runs through the riders’ head.