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Bad Bike is a brand that identifies a range of bikes with a sporty character and an attractive design ,however the production is designed to create vehicles that offer a real alternative to the mobility instead scooter or car, in fact promoting the concept of respect for the environment through sustainable mobility. All models are equipped with front and rear LED lights, both of them can be operated from the handlebars, with mudguards and have the ability to mount panniers on the side to carry materials or documents. The company, result of an innate passion and a good knowledge of the market, show up at the audience with a very high quality product, a good organization, a modern and functional structure, and with a very high professional team of people, highly motivated and with more than twenty years of experience. Bad-Bike has been operating since 2010 with its models of very advanced technology and innovative design, and from the very beginning has set itself as a reference point of the new sustainable mobility. The added value of this company is an excellent post-sales service with highly specialized team of experts, impeccable spare parts service able to ship in 24 hours across the country and internationally, technological innovation with cutting-edge diagnostics on a package of guarantees which is the most complete in the industry and follows the bicycle for the first 7 years of life. These are the ingredients that gave birth to a brand that has - although relatively young - all the elements to compete on an innovative and technologically advanced market as the of electric bikes one. The dedicated and relentless search for new technical and design solutions, pose the brand in a niche market made up of users at above average devoted to innovation and respect for the environment.