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BARUFFALDI’S PROGRAM AND PRESENTATION TO ITS CUSTOMERS 1 HISTORY We have an Italian story. It is made of passion for our work, for the quality of our products and constant research of innovative solutions. It is an exciting story that spans an important period of the history of our country. As a leading company in its field—Ski and Moto-Goggles, products worn by famous sport champions—Baruffaldi has gone through some decline and transformation, but has always remained faithful to its founding values: - Attention to Product’s Details - Technological Research and Innovation - Design - Client Care Today we offer the market Technical Handicraft Products of High Profile. 2 OUR PRODUCTS A. Classical and Vintage Goggle Masks and Glasses, Lamb Leather covered and matching with Helmets and Gloves; (a low price mini Goggles collection in printed metal, provided with a leather pad, is offered) B. Technical Multi Sport Goggles (in continuous improvement); C. Eyeglasses for scooter riders, City &Sport Line; D. A mini collection for Old and Vintage Cars; E. Classical Masks for CROSS, Enduro (the same with which Jacopo Cerutti, Mefisto Racing, won the Italian Championship Enduro and the European E3); F. Goggle Mask, lined and provided with an unfastening band. G. ECE Fiberglass Helmets, painted, aluminum framed and provided with an extractable liner bonnet of leather and perspiring Memory Form Foam; (It is possible to personalize the helmet with a selection of 3 interchangeable inner bonnets) H. Vintage Fiberglass Helmets, hand made and covered with special printed or embossed leathers, provided with an extractable and perspiring Memory Form Foam interior; (only 3 sizes) For predetermined clients and countries it is possible to personalize the interior in leather and foresee the mounting of a visor upon request. I. Half Finger Gloves, matching with the leather of the Helmets and the Goggles; J. Handcrafted Gloves, with colors and leathers matching with the interior of the Helmets and with the Goggles; K. Gilet Gily, a waistcoat, provided with or without the Black and Imperial Red Leather decorated inner hood, matching with the Helmet and Goggles; L. Vintage Hat Bonnyr, with or without the glass holder pocket (the model we have provided for over 40 years to whaler fishermen); M. Napa Leather Wrist Band, with a fastening strap, matching with A Marz and Easy Rider models; N. Accessories for the maintenance of the Helmet (a special, non abrasive cream for metals and metal coating), the Sgommatutto (eraser rubber), the Visor Net and a Kit to clean the leather containing a spot eraser stick. 3 EXHIBITORS - For Wintini - For the Helmets - For Goggles 4 PROMOTIONS Participation in 3 main exhibitions: - EICHMA The International Motorcycle Exhibition, Milan - INTERMOT, International Motorcycle, Scooter and E-Bike Fair, Cologne - FAAKER AM SEE Participation in 2 special events, one in Italy and one abroad E-commerce Web Site, promoted with a newsletter to cover large areas where we do not have representatives or Sales Points. FACE BOOK Profile Permanent evaluation of the most interesting products, the ones the public likes the most. Creation of a Data Base, SKEDAT, holding data related to our Agents, Commercial Correspondents and Cooperators, which hold more than 3055 Company Names; 11000 Clients who in 12 years have awarded our products with prizes at the fairs, as we do not have the means to advertize them in papers and magazines; 5 COLLABORATION We are open to Technologic and Artistic Collaboration 6 SALES Our Sales are spread over 34 different countries 7 PROMOTION IN USA We are looking for a special collaboration that foresees: A Web Site promoting our products in different States 8 PRICE LIST Our General Price List starts on the 1st December 2013 and ends, after ECIMA, on the 30th of November 2014 Our European Price List for the Public includes VAT 22% 9 AFFILIATES A special formula is used for every country 10 PRESCRIPTION LENSES We started collaborating with a new super specialized Technical Laboratory, which has studied and found the best solutions for the best sold lines and models of Baruffaldi’s Goggles and Eyeglasses. 11 SPECIAL LENSES After having achieved the accomplishment of 5 models with photo chromatic lenses, we are currently studying new technical solutions. A past that looks towards the future…