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Launch of the INNOVATIVE Pmzero’s Panther Wellness Bike with Polini E-P3 engine After years of cycling on uncomfortable bicycles, finally someone began to INNOVATE.... .... That's why I INVENTED PMZERO's Panther with Polini EP-3 engine. Let yourself cycle while exercising in the open. The first wellness bike 100% Italian with medical and scientific certification. by Marco Mazza Inventor Dear old bike goodbye? The new millennium had not yet begun when, in a small workshop in Milan, the foundations were laid in secret for what will be the first example of innovative mobility. PMZERO's wellness bike is a revolutionary electric bicycle ! Why talk about it now? That’s simple! Have you seen how much the petrol is costing today? So that's the idea! To design an electric bicycle on a human scale.... And that's why Marco Mazza has designed a revolutionary wellness bike which is more advanced, designed to take full advantage of the interaction between body and machine. What about five hundred kilometers with a euro of electricity directly taken from the household power socket? A small Polini E - P3 electric engine, which uses the energy of a rechargeable battery to assist the pedaling of the innovative Wellness Bike, which runs quickly and effortlessly. Thanks to the natural driving position and a sophisticated Electronic System that feels the pedaling, PMZERO offers a pleasant and relaxing driving experience. What else? One hundred and twenty kilometres of autonomy and anti thief package make PMZERO's wellness bike a unique and exclusive electric bike. PMZERO Panther with Polini E-P3 engine, is the first Wellness Bike in the world studied on a human scale. It is the result of a philosophy of thought for the love of cycling, respecting the past, but always knowing how to look forward with the ability to read the future long before the others! PMZERO Panther with Polini E-P3 engine is a new vehicle, a natural cyclistic evolution, redesigned to obtain the maximum efficiency of the human motor in the body-machine interaction. In the common knowledge of ergonomic architecture inherited and historically consolidated by the means of derivation, the three points of contact (man-machine) are almost entirely redesigned, studying them in such a way to favour and support the body's own motor states of human nature as much as possible. The result of the research ensures maximum comfort and minimum friction of the areas that lie on the saddle. The handlebar's assets, pedals and saddlehave been redefined, optimizing the ergonomics of the body and thus the performance of the pedaling. After six years of study and testing, a tool that allows man to obtain maximum performance from his own effort in terms of speed, distance and time, but in a situation of physical well-being that excludes any suffering, has been developed. This because the lower limbs, as primary motor organs, enjoy the maximum state of relaxation and are not subject to muscle intoxication, the perineal area is not affected by any compressive state, the position of the whole body benefits from the best ergonomic state. As a result, energy consumption is minimized and the autonomy maximized, metabolism is not altered but maintained according to nature, the muscular apparatus enjoys a harmonic development extended to the whole body, the absence of intoxication leaves all the naturally produced endorphins free and available. In such conditions, the movement of the muscles becomes desired and rewarding. In the Panther PMZERO with Polini E-P3 engine, the three points of contact between man and machine, are completely redesigned, and are strictly interdependent and inseparable. PMZERO Panther with Polini E-P3 engine, a new vehicle, therefore, revolutionary in the ergonomic architecture of the most used and best-known vehicle in the world, whose goal is to maximize drivers' efficiency (in terms of performance) with the objective related to a wellness bike logic*. *Wellness means wellbeing achieved with a healthy lifestyle, aiming at the harmony of the body, mind and soul and is born from the fusion of the terms "well - being" and "fitness" meaning that physical activity contributes in an essential way to feel good. Enter into the environmentally sustainable world of PMZERO's e-bike. PMZERO's electric bikes are produced and customized in Italy, according to customer specifications in limited series. Book it online now. PMZERO’s wellness e-bike, let's cycle! To try the innovative PMZERO Panther with Polini E-P3 engine just find us in Milan at the EICMA international cycle and motorcycle exhibition at the Pad. 11 Stand A 26. A specially equipped 1,000 metre long runway is available for cycling on the world's first wellness bike. PMZERO let yourself get pedaled! www.pmzero.it #pmzero #wellnessbike