New entry procedure

Introduction and Area of Application

Fiera Milano, with a view to continuously updating and adapting its security systems and in order to comply with the Security requirements of the competent Authorities, deems it necessary to re-consider the controls made in the fieramilano-Rho exhibition area.

The Gabrielli Circular distinguishes between:

  • Safety, as the devices and structural measures to protect the safety of people and those of 
  • Security, as the services of public order and safety, for the purposes of identifying the best operating strategies


  • Gabrielli Circular of 7° June 2017
  • Ministry of the Interior, Directive no.11001/110 (10) of the Minister’s Cabinet
  • Circular no. 11464 of the Fire Brigade
  • GDPR no. 2016/679, on processing personal data and privacy
  • Legislative Decree 81/2008, consolidated body of law on safety 
  • Ministry of the Interior, Directive no. 11001/1/110/(10) of 18° July  2018



  • Introduce big luggage that must be delivered near the deposits dose to the doors
  • Introduce trumpets
  • Introduce or hold weapons, explosive material, pyrotechnic material, smoke bombs, signaling flares, stones, knives, sharp objects or sharp edge object.
  • Introduce all kinds of dangerous objects
  • Introduce or hold drugs, poisons, harmful substances or flammable materials
  • Access and remain under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of drugs
  • Introduce animals of any kind and ransom, for the exception of guide dogs for blind person and diabetic and canine unit of law enforcement
  • Introduce bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, kick scooters and overboard
  • Introduce drones or little radio guided airplanes

For the detailed list consult the regulation UE 1998-2015