E-Bike Area

The area dedicated to electric bikes and the most important innovations in the sector is confirmed again at Milan’s International Cycle and Motorcycle Show. 

Mobility through electric pedalling is now a consolidated reality at global level, with numbers that show an exponential growth of the sector: the data reveal that more than 150,000 E-Bikes were purchased in Italy alone in 21017, +25% compared to 2016.

At EICMA you will have the chance to appreciate the quality of E-Bikes, thanks to the presence of the most important brands of the sector which will be exhibiting their latest models and you will also be able to test these fantastic bikes on a circuit with an uphill stretch and artificial difficulties to simulate an off-road route. 

It is a unique opportunity to immerge yourself in a young but increasingly important phenomenon and we look forward to seeing you from 6 to 11 November at Milano Rho Fiera.