EICMA hosts, as every year, the inevitable MotoLive outdoor area: the most fascinating and overwhelming Special Event that has always satisfied visitors of EICMA with days of racing, show, music and entertainment.
An opportunity to see up close the national and international pilots of the most prestigious Off-Road disciplines compete for titles on the MotoLive circuit.
Between a duel and another, sportingly speaking, the adrenaline increases with the moments dedicated to the Freestyle Motocross and the Trial Acrobatic where the riders show their skills.
A sport that represents the perfect combination of passion and perfection in technical execution.
MotoLive is the dynamic reality of EICMA, the area where emotions are multiplied and shared, where the viewer can immerse himself in the role of the pilot, experience the thrill of being able to fly without necessarily having wings, listen to the "roar" of the engines that they warm up behind the starting gates, looking with their own eyes at the fatigue and dedication that each Champion places in his movements.
Accuracy, speed and determination are the daily bread of these "warriors" that fill the sky like fireworks, while the roar of the bike is racing with the cheer increasingly fierce public.
To color the show "at full throttle" is the stage of MotoLive: a place of entertainment in which the winners are rewarded.
Moments of overwhelming passion that excite even the least enthusiasts of the motorcycle world thanks to the ability to gather visitors and make them happy with the riders.

MotoLive is thus a continuous evolution of emotions, an unmissable spectacle of competitions and performances in the name of healthy competition that satisfies not only the most passionate but also those who are approaching the great world of 2 wheels.